Meet Drillster at STRS 2019 in London

Drillster will present at the 2019 conference for Simulation and Training for Resilience and Safety (STRS). This conference will be held in London on the 26th and 27th of March. Resilience and safety are themes that people always need to be prepared for. This fully aligns with the Drillster way of learning whereby crucial knowledge, awareness, and competencies are kept top-of-mind year-round.

Most companies organize periodic training on resilience and safety topics. However, incidents and accidents can always take place. People should always be prepared for the unexpected. So a yearly training only results in a competence peak at the moment of the training only. It does not mean that people are having the right knowledge, awareness of competences in the future when they are confronted with safety situations while performing their jobs.

The Drillster way of learning changes this. Drillster is a powerful combination of neuroscience, technology, big data, and a smart algorithm all in one application. The Drillster way of learning is adaptive, assessment bases and predictive. It leads to the development of an adaptive learning app that results in faster learning and much better memorization. The Drillster app even calculates how and when knowledge declines if not maintained and can notify a user before crucial knowledge or awareness tends to decline. This way, resilience, safety knowledge, and awareness is anchored year-round and not only at the moment of a yearly training or exam.

During his presentation on Wednesday the 27th of March (11:15h), Marco van Sterkenburg (co-founder of Drillster) will show the impact that the use of Drillster has had on resilience and safety topics. Customer case studies are used to outline the impact that the combination of scientific research and new technology has on the way we learn and perform.

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