NewMotion Chooses Drillster for Their Online Installer Training Academy

Electric car charging station provider NewMotion has chosen adaptive learning provider Drillster as a partner for their newest training program. Working together with Drillster, NewMotion is now providing an Online Installer Training Academy to all involved installers in six countries. The new program is dedicated to support the existing on-site training. By preparing online, the installers will get a kick start into the physical training, which will be much more effective and efficient. The program helps people to develop and retain knowledge and skills, to do a great job right away and for the time to come.

Necessary skills for all involved parties

Next to in-house installers, NewMotion relies on resellers and other partners for the charger installation process. NewMotion wants to ensure that all installers are equipped with the necessary skills to offer high quality and ‘First Time Right’ service. This mission has become a reality by enriching physical training hosted by NewMotion’s very own expert installers, with Drillster’s adaptive learning method. This creates a comprehensive training program for all involved parties.

Increase installation quality

Installers are now able to learn through assessment-based modules called ‘drills’. These will help the installers absorb information more efficiently and encourage them to practice and retain their knowledge actively, even long after the initial training. Moreover, the adaptive nature of the learning tool will adapt and adjust to the individual’s level and pace. Installers will practice the topics that they found difficult more often, without causing more stress or anxiety. This way, NewMotion can ensure that their installers will have the required knowledge level in no time and keep it that way. This will reduce technical failure and increase installation quality, efficiency, and safety, thus, boosting customer satisfaction.

Marco van Sterkenburg, CEO and co-founder of Drillster: “We are pleased to work with NewMotion and strengthen their training program with our learning methodology. Mobility has always been an essential aspect of our daily lives, especially in this fast-paced era. We are proud to know that Drillster’s way of learning can help NewMotion increase sustainable energy and people’s mobility for the future.”

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