Discover the new Drillster…learning with you!

It’s meanwhile more than 10 years ago that we, Thomas Goossens and Marco van Sterkenburg had a drink and shared our frustration on how quickly knowledge evaporates after a training. We saw how much companies and people invest in learning and development and how little the effect it had on the long term. And the idea of Drillster was born….

Since the official launch in 2011 the Drillster application as well as our organization changed a lot. The technology matured, we learned from our customers and users. Besides technology, we started to focus on the instructional design side of Drillster. We came to the conclusion that Drillster is not only a technology, but also a methodology, a different way of learning. Instructional drill design was launched and each year, we meet up with the rapidly growing group of enthusiastic certified instructional drill designers to inspire, share and learn. 


« We came to the conclusion that Drillster is not only a technology, but a different way of learning. »


And while our company and our application learned and developed, our branding did stay the same. So under the supervision of our marketing manager Rianne Poot we researched our own identity and together with lots of new insight in our what, how, why, our deeper motivations, values and goals,  a new Drillster branding is the result. A new logo, a new look & feel and also a new corporate website. And of course with that comes also a new slogan. Learning with you.

All of us learn throughout our lives, at all ages. Learning is in our DNA. We at Drillster also learn every day. We simply get a kick out of developing, time and time again. Our primary focus is always to help you learn more efficiently, effectively and comfortably. All Drillsters learn from customers, users and each other. And our adaptive technology also keeps learning: the app learns from the answers you submit to create your optimum learning path. We learn with you, for you and from you. So we proudly present you the new Drillster:

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