AskDelphi integrates Drillster in Performance Support platform

Learning is more effective when it’s aligned, contextual and done in the workplace. AskDelphi’s next-generation performance support software enables the workforce to perform effectively by providing just the right amount of support when needed. Employees can perform autonomously and become experts at what they do.

AskDelphi, the provider of the leading performance support platform that enables people to perform effectively at the moment of need, has integrated Drillster’s adaptive learning technology. The AskDelphi platform enables employees to access specific information within 2 clicks or 10 seconds. Via the same interface, employees can now develop and maintain crucial knowledge, using Drillster’s adaptive learning app.

Some of the tasks of an employee can be so critical that there is no time to search for support. Knowledge and skills for tasks that have a significant or catastrophic impact, should be top-of-mind, year-round. Drillster offers adaptive learning technology that anchors this crucial knowledge in a personalized and continuous way.

Users that access the AskDelphi platform can also access adaptive learning exercises, called drills, that are linked to specific tasks or themes. Users get easy and real-time insight into their knowledge levels on the various relevant tasks and themes, showing both historic, current ánd future proficiency.

The combination of performance support and adaptive learning offers a powerful solution to drive the performance of staff and to keep them engaged and motivated. The Alrijne Healthcare Group in the Netherlands experienced this when using both AskDelphi and Drillster in a medical math program for nurses. This project was realized by Xprtise, the specialist in workplace learning solutions.

For more information on AskDelphi and Xprtise, please contact or call +31 6 53 31 25 90.

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