Meet Drillster at Learning Technologies France

Drillster will be exhibiting at the Learning Technologies France 2020 event taking place in Paris – Porte de Versailles on February 5th and 6th. We welcome you to our booth H22 and will be happy to talk with you about how adaptive learning can add value to your organization. How can knowledge, awareness, and skills be anchored and retained? Join the Drillster team for more insights.

We host two presentations:


February 5th – 15.00-15.30h – Theatre Berlin

How Air France transformed flight safety training

On February 5th, Mr. Franck Euzet, Responsible for risk and flight safety at Air France, we will give a presentation. He will tell about how Air France transformed its flight safety training for cabin crew, into a continuous learning process using the Drillster app.

Flight safety training used to be a yearly recurrent training event. Air France introduced the Drillster app as a support to their 15,000 cabin attendants to prepare their recurrent exam in a smart, effective and personalized way. In addition, the Drillster app helps the crew to also update their knowledge before it tends to decline, resulting in year-round and up-to-date flight safety competencies. 

To learn more about how to effectively prepare for the recurrent exam, click here.


February 6th – 11.30-11.50h – Theatre 4

Learning embedded in our daily lives

On February 6th, Marco van Sterkenburg, CEO, and Arnaud Magiera, Country Director France at Drillster, take the stage. They will present about how adaptive learning technology can anchor and retain crucial knowledge. Artificial Intelligence and chatbot technology often raise questions about the human factor in learning. During our presentation, we will outline how the combination of neuroscience, AI and chatbots can personalize any learning program. Learning should be embedded in our daily activities and it should no longer be an offline, ad-hoc event. Join our presentation on the 6th of February to see how this can be accomplished. 

See you at booth H22 at Learning Technologies France in Paris on the 5th and 6th of February!


Learning Technologies France Drillster

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