Discover the new drill editor

Creating adaptive learning modules that meet and exceed your learning goals is even easier with the new drill editor. Drillster improved the UX design and added new functionality to the drill and story editor. If you go to the My Content section of your Drillster account, you can experience the new UX design and the enhanced functionality of the editor. 

The new drill and story editor include:

  • a more intuitive UX design
  • enhanced formatting options
  • easier to change the order of content elements
  • enhanced version management
  • easier management of media items
  • preview content functionality

The launch of the new editor has no impact on your existing drills and stories that you created in your Drillster account. The functionality to define tests or to compile courses remains unchanged. 

For a very short period of time, the old editor functionality remains available. If you click on the menu button of a drill or story in the My Content section, then you can select to use the legacy editor. We love to learn with and from you, so if you have any feedback on the new editor, then please share it with us via

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