Drillster launches a new learning object: the Story.

Drillster launches a new learning object: the story. The story enables you to transmit information using text, images, sound, and video. Stories can be used in combination with drills and add context, relevance and news value to a drill. The story can also be used to engage learners or to announce a content change.

Can the story be used for the actual learning? At Drillster we are convinced that learning is only effective when it’s effortful. Answering questions, evaluating a dilemma or a scenario has proven to have a stronger and more durable learning impact than simply reading a text or watching a video or e-learning module. So the actual learning should still take place in a drill, our learning objective that uses assessment-based learning techniques to effectively develop, anchor, and maintain knowledge and competencies.

The story adds value to the drill. If you distribute your drill to new hires, then the story can be used to provide context to the learning topic. A video from the chairman or a subject matter expert can enhance the learner’s engagement. Or a news item on a recent event can make the learning topic more relevant to the target group. All this can be realized using the story.

The story is now available for all our customers. The story can be created via an online editor and can be linked to one or several drills in a course. A story can be placed before, between and after a drill, thus creating a unique course path.

Would you like to receive more information or would you like to enable the story feature for your account? Please contact us at support@drillster.com.


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