Hmmm cookies, that sounds delicious! This text maybe looks like a tough “cookie”, but read it and you’ll discover how our Cookie Policy works.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small files, stored on your computer or mobile device, that are used to track your preferences while surfing the web. The cookies that are stored through the website and the Drillster application cannot harm your computer or mobile device, or any files that are saved on this equipment.

What are cookies for?

Cookies are used for different purposes. First of all they are helpful in storing your user names, passwords, the contents of your shopping cart and preferences such as language settings. Websites also use cookies to track how many visitors visit a site or to determine what parts of a site are popular. There are also cookies that track which sites you visit so as to assess your personal interests. This information is used by advertisers and site owners to show relevant advertising content to you. These cookies will also prevent the same ads being shown to you repeatedly.

Drillster and Cookies

The cookies used by Drillster may be categorized as follows:

Functional cookies: these are cookies that are necessary to provide the services you request. For instance, functional cookies allow you to proceed through different pages of a website with a single login and they remember selections in language choice and (order) forms that are filled out on websites. Drillster BV uses functional cookies.

Analytical cookies: Drillster BV uses analytical cookies in order to collect statistics about the use and visits of the website. These analytic cookies generate statistical and other information about website use by means of cookies, which are stored on users’ computers. The information generated relating to our website is used to create reports about the use of the website.

Tracking cookies: also known as commercial cookies. They are used to track visitors’ Internet browsing behavior and collect data and information on their browsing behavior from the various websites they visited. We use tracking cookies to optimize your Drillster experience and provide you with the best information! Read our Privacy Policy here.

What happens if I switch off cookies?

If you switch off the cookies that track your preferences, some parts of the service may not be available. For example, you will asked to type in your email address and password every visit.

The consent you have given to store and read cookies, can be withdrawn at any time by setting your browser to disable cookies and/or to remove all cookies from your browser. Please consult the help function of your browser to learn how you can delete cookies. Please take into account that deleting cookies may render some parts of the website and the Drillster application nonfunctional.

Please note that refusing or deleting cookies only affects the computer and the browser on which you perform this action. If you use different computers and/or browsers you will need to repeat the above described actions on these computers and/or browsers. If you do use cookies, make sure you log off from your account whenever you leave a computer intended for public use.

We would like to offer you the best possible Drillster experience! Therefore, we use cookies to collect information in order to optimize the website and give you the most relevant information. Read more about our cookie policy here.

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