Compliance and integrity

When legislation or regulations require certain knowledge or skills to be trained, you are dealing with compliance training. Possible forms of compliance training include integrity training, safety protocol training, training required under the financial supervision act, and code of conduct training in a specific industry. 

Boost your overall compliance rate

Such training is repeated regularly as employers are under an obligation to continuously confirm their employees’ compliance. The Drillster app now takes the sting out of compliance training by turning it into continuous knowledge maintenance throughout the year. You and your employees get insight into proficiency levels, both now and in the future. This allows you to show the legislator at any time that your people possess all the required knowledge, and this will boost your organization’s overall compliance rate.

In practice…

Under pressure from the industry regulator, you enroll all your employees in a training program. It is mainly classroom-based, with some e-learning thrown in, and a test at the end of it. Once the training has been completed, all your employees are compliant, on paper at least. But you still feel that the training has only produced a temporary spike in knowledge levels. You are fully compliant with legislation and regulations, but you get complaints from the business side of your operation. Are your people truly up to date and adequately skilled, at all times?

You have done everything you can, you have the green light from the industry regulator, your organization is fully compliant, and yet there are complaints from the business. You narrowly escaped a scandal recently when one of your employees showed unconscious incompetence despite all the training. He thought he knew everything he had to know, purely based on the fact that he had passed the test 6 months ago. And yet he misjudged the situation and nearly caused a major scandal.

Legislation and regulations are there for a reason, but how do you make sure everyone actually abides by them? A test is merely a snapshot. The outcome says nothing about someone’s competency in 3, 6 or 9 months’ time when they have to put the learned knowledge or skills into practice. Merely checking boxes seems to have become a goal in its own right, while the importance of having knowledge and skills readily available at all times is overlooked.

Drillster gives you real-time insight into your employees’ proficiency levels. It allows you to see exactly what employees need to work on, and subsequently target their learning accordingly. You can see which parts of your drills they are struggling with, and your employees can also track their own proficiency levels. You can provide the industry regulator or your company’s board with proof of compliance the whole year-round.

Whenever legislation, regulations, policy or products change, you can edit the drill questions accordingly yourself. Drillster recognizes employees’ proficiency levels and will automatically remind employees when they need to brush up. This creates peace of mind and builds confidence, the whole year round, for the management, the employee and the industry regulator.

KLM uses the Drillster method for, among other things, flight safety training for its cabin crews. Cabin crews feel supported by a method that really helps them develop. Furthermore, the pass rate for recurrent exams has gone up. It’s what you call a win-win situation.

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